Please find new elevation data here for manual download (valid from AirScout V1.3.0.0, not yet published!).


  1. Follow the links below to download the elevation tile catalogue first (according to your Digital Elevation Model)
  2. Unzip the catalogue and open it with a suitable text editor (huge file!). The catalogue contains all subsquares available
    for this elevation model.
  3. Check out which subsquares are needed and available
  4. build the download address (see below) and download the ZIP file manually

The URL for download is created this way:[Digital Elevation Model]/[Field]/[Field]+[Square].zip

where [Digital Elevation Model] is either GLOBE, SRTM3 or SRTM1

Example for download of the GLOBE Elevation ZIP file for JO50IW (containing JO50AA ... JO50XX):

Here are the links to the catalogues for each Digital Elevation Model:




last updated: 2018-02-24