AirScout latest news

2022-07-30: I've updated the OpenSky plane feed as a temporary workaround for both V1.3.x and V1.4.x.
The update should run automatically when you start AirScout. Please check that the current plugin versions V1.3.3.2 or V1.4.0.1 have
been loaded correctly and you can enter your OpenSky username and password there. If not, go to
C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\DL2ALF\AirScout\Plugin\
and delete all files inside.

Please note the following restrictions: The requests to OpenSky are counted by IP.
The limit of 1000 for registered users should be enough for 24/7 access.
If you are running multiple instances of AirScout behind a router all requests will be summed up!

2022-07-27: If you are planning to use the OpenSky plane feed as an alternative, the amount of anonymous requests from AirScout 
is limited to 100/day. If you are a registered user (at no cost as far as I can see) the limit is set to 1000/day, this will roughly be enough
for working with AirScout.  I will check this out and will update the OpenSky plane feed so that you can enter your username/password 
in the next future.

2022-07-27: I was asked many times how to feed data to ADSBExchange. Here are 3 ways to do this:
1. If you don't collect ADS-B data so far
Buy a ready-to-use kit from here. If you are a more experienced user or if you already own some suitable hardware
like Raspberry Pi / RTL-SDR stick, you can use a Custom Pi image from here.

2. If you already feeding data to other servers
Assuming that you are feeding ADS-B data to other servers, you can easily double your data and send them to ADSBExchange as well.
This will work at least with all Linux setups creating ADS beast data on port 30005 (like dump1090).  There is a simple
setup script described here. The script will not break your existing feed.

3. If you are an Amateur Radio Club
There is a nice offer to radio clubs on the ADSBExchange website. Assuming that you have a club home in a exposed location with
internet access: you will get all the hardware and support to setup a feed for free! In return you have to feed the ADS-B data 24/7 to the 
ADSBExchange servers.

So I ask each one of you again to consider setting up a feed to possibly get back a free service for all of us!

2022-07-24: The operators of the Virtual Radar Server plane feed had cancelled their free service to the AirScout community.
Bad news, but we are thankful for using this opportunity since many years! Now, we should face the truth that nothing is for free
without giving a return.

So everybody of the AirScout community should consider operating an ADS-B receiver (if it's legal in his country) and feeding the 
data to the ADSBExchange servers!

If you already do so, please send me an email. A list of all recent feeders could be a good base for negotiations.
This is the only way to get this service back! 

2022-07-23: Just returned from holidays and found a lot of feedback in my email inbox that the Virtual Radar Server plane feed is not working anymore.
This is under investigation now and I hope to find a solution as soon as possible.
At the moment, there is no free and reliable plane feed available so that AirScout is quite useless. 
Depending on the next steps a new version of AirScout or automatic plane feed update is necessary in the future.

Stay tuned for updates!

2021-12-29: I've produced some coverage maps for each elevation model available in AirScout.

It is easy now to get an overview which model fits your personal needs:


Click on the images to go to the Elevation Data page for details.

2021-12-23: A new bugfix version of AirScout ("X-mas Edition") is available for public download (see download section). It contains two major bugfixes:

- Near field suppression was broken, resulting in strange obstructions and almost no path under some circumstances (see news from 2020-10-11)
- AirScout could not get any plane feed when running with some language settings (at least confirmed for Turkish language)

It is recommended to update your systems. Versions and are co-existent, you can have both on your PC. 
SRTM3 upload is also finished, covering latitudes beyond 60deg (see news from 2021-06-12).

2021-07-21: After a long time I did a major update of the locations & QRV databases available for automatic download from the AirScout website. The data are generated from the AirScout user feedback, entries & my own local callsign database. As it is impossible to check all entries for validity there might be errors and differences to previous versions. Some issues were already reported. I'm currently working on refining the algorithm in case of conflicts between different sources. The only workaround at the moment is to correct the entries manually in your local database. Your changes will get a new timestamp and will stay persistent until the next database release. Sorry for the inconvenience!

2021-06-12: Good news for Scandinavian hams! Due to the great work of Jonathan from I am able to provide SRTM style elevation data beyond 60 deg latitude for the use in AirScout. Most parts of the SRTM3 tiles for Scandinavia are already processed and uploaded. The rest of tiles will follow as soon as they are generated. The download of missing tiles should start automatically. If not: change your covered area in Options/General to force a new checkup. Don't forget to clean up your pre-calculated elevation & propagation paths in Options/Databases after all tiles are downloaded!

2020-10-11: It turned out that, in contrast to previous versions of AirScout, some paths are shown as blocked by obstacles near stations' QTH. This behavior was reported by several users during the IARU - Reg.1 - UHF/SHF contest and is under investigation. Stay tuned for updates!

2020-09-29: New bugfix V1.3.3.5 is availabe for download now. At least one important issue is fixed with chunked HTTPS transport (affected plane feeds: Virtual Radar Server, Open Sky) . See download section for download details.

2020-04-10: New stable release V1.3.3.0 ("Easter Edition") is availabe for download now. Most of the issues reported when running V1.3.x.x on Windows XP are fixed now. See download section for download details.

2020-03-12: Several severe issues reported when running V1.3.x.x on Windows XP making the software mostly unusable. Meanwhile I could fix most of them in the next release. Be aware that (depending on your XP version and patch level) some limitations will persist, especially when using plane feeds (google TLS1.2 for details).

2020-03-01: After processing all user feedback the new stable version V1.3.1.0 of AirScout is out now for public download (see download section)

2020-02-12: New version V1.3.0.7 of AirScout is available for public download

Now, after more than 2 years of development, a new BETA-version V1.3.0.7 of AirScout is available for download (see Downloads section). This version fixes all issues mentioned below and brings a lot of new features. In short:

- Compiled to run native  on 32 & 64bit machines on Windows & Linux/Mono operating systems (see readme_linux.txt for details)
- New world-wide 6digit Maidenhead Locator structured elevation database with integrated min/max elevation information ready for download from the AirScout server
(GLOBE, SRTM3, SRTM1 based
- “Multi-Path” option to manage paths to multiple stations at the same time
- New pre-calculation background service to calculate most probable paths and keep them in the database
- New JSON-interface for servicing multiple view clients (not published yet)
- Fixed issues with Open Street Map and several plane feeds

The older V1.2.x.x and new version are co-existant. You can run both versions on the same PC. The installing of the new version is similar to the older ones, just follow
the Quick-Start Guide:

- download and unzip the file to a folder of your choice
- run AirScout.exe
- follow the instructions of the FirstRunWizard
- simply let AirScout run for a while to update all databases from web (you can see the progress in the status bar in the lower right corner)
- restart AirScout once to get the precalculation service running
- change options to your choice

Right now I am working on a documentation update. Feel free to report bugs and feature requests to my email-address.

2019-11-20: Trouble with OpenStreetMap provider, Error 403 occuring in map window and/or map tiles not loading

The OpenStreetMap providers has tightened their rules for accessing the free API necessary to fetch map tiles from the server. To reduce the abuse of map service, unknown/fake
user agents/referrers in the web request are not allowed anymore. To say it clearly, the problem is on AirScout's side. But it requires changes in code to fix this. At the moment,
the only workaround is to choose another Map Provider in "Options/Maps". Remember, this may cause legal issues. Do this on your own risk!


2019-05-02: Virtual Radar Server plane feed workaround found

The website owners kindly provided me an API key for the use with AirScout. We all should be very thankful that they keep this service open and free for us. Unfortunately the handling of this API key would require changes in code and cna be done only in future versions of AirScout. Meanwhile there is a workaround available. To bring the Virtual Radar Server feed back to operation, please follow these instructions:


Run AirScout
Open the “Options/Planes” tab
Select the “Virtual Radar Server” feed (if not already selected)
Click on the “Settings” button on the right of the feed entry
Replace the URL setting as shown below:

Old URL:

 New URL:

(the changes are marked for better visability only!)

Be careful when replacing the URLs! Each character and each character casing counts and may result in an error!
Best practise is to copy & paste string from this website!
Please be aware that this is a temporary solution and is not guaranteed to be online 24/7.

Hope that helps for the next time!

2019-05-01: Virtual Radar Server plane feed has stopped working.

This most popular plane feed is used by AirScout by default has stopped working recently. In future, an API key is required to access the data. I have just requested such a key to implement it in AirScout. But it is not clear so far, whether this requires a code change or not. However, it is told that the access will still be free for non-commercial purpose. You can still use the "" feed instead with some limited coverage. Stay tuned for updates!

2018-09-04: SRTM3 & SRTM1 elevation data repository has moved. Download of files with AirScout not possible anymore.

The repository's URL has changed to http://..... to https://.... and is redirected to some other URL than originally requested.
This happens quite often these days due to security reasons. AirScout, unfortunately, cannot handle this redirect and would require a change in code.
The only way to get SRTM3 elevation data with V1.2.0.5 is to copy them over from another PC or manually download them from the new URL:

Manual donwload procedure:
1. When running AirScout for the first time (inside the First Run Wizard) do not tick "Use SRTM3 data". The installation procedure should run normally with the GLOB elevation model then.
2. While AirScout is running, go to "Options/SRTM3" and find out the path to your local storage of SRTM3 tiles. Should be something like "C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\DL2ALF\AirScout\ElevationData\SRTM3" by default.
3. Remember the path and close AirScout.
4. Open a web browser and navigate to: You will find a directory of all elevation tiles in ZIP-Format there which are sorted on latitude and longitude. Each tile is 1x1 degree.
5. Count out and download the needed files to the directory mentioned above using Right+Click and "Save as" (according to your area of interest).
6. Unzip all files in the directory.
7. Run AirScout and go to "Options/SRTM3". You should already see the magenta area of downloaded tiles. Tick "Use SRTM3 elevation data" and restart AirScout.
8. You're done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2018-07-29: Added a Privacy Statement according to GDPR (see Privacy Statement)

2018-02-06: Huge amount of elevation data were uploaded to this site (including SRTM1 data worldwide). This is for the upcoming version of AirScout. Stay tuned for updates.

2017-06-02: There several reports that AirScout is crashing right after startup with an "Unhandled exception" prventing the software from normal operation.
Even new installation does not help in this case. I could reproduce this bug once so far and it seems that the AirScout database has crashed and was loosing some of the tables.
There is no fix but a workaround with a small cleanup tool (go to the download area).
I will upload a new version asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2017-01-02: HNY to all. Latest bugfixes available with version V1.2.0.5. Please see download section for details.

2016-12-24: New bugfixed version V1.2.0.4 is online. Please see download section for details.

2016-12-23: New version V1.2.0.3 is online. Please see download section for details. New features:
- new database structure (SQLite)
- 2 new working web feeds
- 1 automatic feed for web resources not yet discovered
- new wizard on first run
- automatic download of elevation tiles

2016-09-16: After a long period of silence new plane feeds discovered. Hoping to release V1.2.0.0 shortly. Stay tuned for updates!

2015-02-25: New problems with plane feed reported. Working on an update.

Recent bugs in V1.1.0.0 and status of next version see below:

- Bugfix: Donate button issue - Program hangs or shows "Script error" while trying to load the website from the server --> fixed (tnx SM6CEN)
- Bugfix: Antenna tracking does not stop when selected AP disappeared, sending "0.0" values for Az/El instead of stop sending data--> fixed
- Bugfix: Planes with category "S" (Superheavy) were shown as "M" sized icons --> fixed
- Bugfix: GLOBE source unusable outside Europe: changed URL, tiles and data format --> not fixed so far (tnx VK2BJP)
- Bugfix: Corrupted lat/lon information in <> feed, major amount of planes is dropped --> not fixed so far(tnx W3SZ)

2015-02-08: New Version V1.1.0.0 is online. Please see downloads section. New features:

- new plane feed architecture  (including new webfeed and local feeds)
- automatic antenna tracking (experimantal)
- news feed showing this website

Documentation update will follow as soon as possible.

2015-01-25: Latest BETA version V1.0.9.9 with new plane feed delivered to selected users.

2015-01-22: Plane feeds discountinued. Working on a software update.
Stay tuned for news on this website!

73 de Frank, DL2ALF