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2019-05-02: Virtual Radar Server plane feed workaround found

The website owners kindly provided me an API key for the use with AirScout. We all should be very thankful that they keep this service open and free for us. Unfortunately the handling of this API key would require changes in code and cna be done only in future versions of AirScout. Meanwhile there is a workaround available. To bring the Virtual Radar Server feed back to operation, please follow these instructions:


Run AirScout
Open the “Options/Planes” tab
Select the “Virtual Radar Server” feed (if not already selected)
Click on the “Settings” button on the right of the feed entry
Replace the URL setting as shown below:

Old URL:

 New URL:

(the changes are marked for better visability only!)

Be careful when replacing the URLs! Each character and each character casing counts and may result in an error!
Best practise is to copy & paste string from this website!
Please be aware that this is a temporary solution and is not guaranteed to be online 24/7.

Hope that helps for the next time!

2019-05-01: Virtual Radar Server plane feed has stopped working.

This most popular plane feed is used by AirScout by default has stopped working recently. In future, an API key is required to access the data. I have just requested such a key to implement it in AirScout. But it is not clear so far, whether this requires a code change or not. However, it is told that the access will still be free for non-commercial purpose. You can still use the "" feed instead with some limited coverage. Stay tuned for updates!

2018-09-04: SRTM3 & SRTM1 elevation data repository has moved. Download of files with AirScout not possible anymore.

The repository's URL has changed to http://..... to https://.... and is redirected to some other URL than originally requested.
This happens quite often these days due to security reasons. AirScout, unfortunately, cannot handle this redirect and would require a change in code.
The only way to get SRTM3 elevation data with V1.2.0.5 is to copy them over from another PC or manually download them from the new URL:

Manual donwload procedure:
1. When running AirScout for the first time (inside the First Run Wizard) do not tick "Use SRTM3 data". The installation procedure should run normally with the GLOB elevation model then.
2. While AirScout is running, go to "Options/SRTM3" and find out the path to your local storage of SRTM3 tiles. Should be something like "C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\DL2ALF\AirScout\ElevationData\SRTM3" by default.
3. Remember the path and close AirScout.
4. Open a web browser and navigate to: You will find a directory of all elevation tiles in ZIP-Format there which are sorted on latitude and longitude. Each tile is 1x1 degree.
5. Count out and download the needed files to the directory mentioned above using Right+Click and "Save as" (according to your area of interest).
6. Unzip all files in the directory.
7. Run AirScout and go to "Options/SRTM3". You should already see the magenta area of downloaded tiles. Tick "Use SRTM3 elevation data" and restart AirScout.
8. You're done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2018-07-29: Added a Privacy Statement according to GDPR (see Privacy Statement)

2018-02-06: Huge amount of elevation data were uploaded to this site (including SRTM1 data worldwide). This is for the upcoming version of AirScout. Stay tuned for updates.

2017-06-02: There several reports that AirScout is crashing right after startup with an "Unhandled exception" prventing the software from normal operation.
Even new installation does not help in this case. I could reproduce this bug once so far and it seems that the AirScout database has crashed and was loosing some of the tables.
There is no fix but a workaround with a small cleanup tool (go to the download area).
I will upload a new version asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2017-01-02: HNY to all. Latest bugfixes available with version V1.2.0.5. Please see download section for details.

2016-12-24: New bugfixed version V1.2.0.4 is online. Please see download section for details.

2016-12-23: New version V1.2.0.3 is online. Please see download section for details. New features:
- new database structure (SQLite)
- 2 new working web feeds
- 1 automatic feed for web resources not yet discovered
- new wizard on first run
- automatic download of elevation tiles

2016-09-16: After a long period of silence new plane feeds discovered. Hoping to release V1.2.0.0 shortly. Stay tuned for updates!

2015-02-25: New problems with plane feed reported. Working on an update.

Recent bugs in V1.1.0.0 and status of next version see below:

- Bugfix: Donate button issue - Program hangs or shows "Script error" while trying to load the website from the server --> fixed (tnx SM6CEN)
- Bugfix: Antenna tracking does not stop when selected AP disappeared, sending "0.0" values for Az/El instead of stop sending data--> fixed
- Bugfix: Planes with category "S" (Superheavy) were shown as "M" sized icons --> fixed
- Bugfix: GLOBE source unusable outside Europe: changed URL, tiles and data format --> not fixed so far (tnx VK2BJP)
- Bugfix: Corrupted lat/lon information in <> feed, major amount of planes is dropped --> not fixed so far(tnx W3SZ)

2015-02-08: New Version V1.1.0.0 is online. Please see downloads section. New features:

- new plane feed architecture  (including new webfeed and local feeds)
- automatic antenna tracking (experimantal)
- news feed showing this website

Documentation update will follow as soon as possible.

2015-01-25: Latest BETA version V1.0.9.9 with new plane feed delivered to selected users.

2015-01-22: Plane feeds discountinued. Working on a software update.
Stay tuned for news on this website!

73 de Frank, DL2ALF