Follow the hyperlinks to download:


This universal binary is running on the following operating systems:
  • Windows 32bit & 64bit,  all versions Vista - 10
  • Linux (with Mono Runtime Environment, see Readme_Linux.txt)
  • Windows XP (should work with minor limitaions now)

  AirScout Präsentation Dorsten 2014 (deutsch, PDF - 7.8MB)


  AirScout Quick Start Guide (english, PDF - 1.7MB)


  AirScout Dokumentation V1.0.0.0 (deutsch, PDF - 4.2MB)

  AirScout documentation V1.2.0.0 (english, PDF - 2.6MB)

  AirScout documentation V1.0.0.0 (francais, PDF - 5MB) (tnx F5VLB!)


  AirScout software V1.2.0.5 (english, ZIP - 10.8MB)

If installed in the <Windows\Program Files> directory, you must choose the "Run as Adminstrator" option.
See documentation for further details.

  AirScout cleanup tool for database crash repair! (AirScout_clean.cmd)
**** (NEW) ***

Right+ciick on the link to download this file to your AirScout program directory.
Open an Explorer window, navigate to your AirScout program directory and clcik on "AirScout_clean.cmd" to run it.
You will get a new AirScout startup sreen like this:

Please make sure that the "AirScout Database" and "ScoutBase Database" options are ticked.
You may untick the "Elevation Files" option to keep your downloaded elevation files.
Press >Continue> to erase files and start AirScout from the scratch.
PS: all local settings will be lost, sorry.